Uptick in Namibia’s livestock marketing

In January 2024, livestock marketing activities increased to 66,897 head, marking an increase from the 53,804 head recorded in the previous January and a slight decline from the 79,148 head marketed in December 2023, research firm, Simonis Storm has said.

Specifically, cattle marketing saw an increase, with 20,398 head marketed compared to 12,659 heads in December 2023.

According to the Livestock and Livestock Products Board of Namibia, the growth in the cattle sector is credited to increased exports of weaners to South Africa, primarily due to anticipated improvements in grain harvests that would enhance feeding margins.

Furthermore, goat marketing witnessed an uptick, with 6,596 goats marketed during January 2024 compared to 5,554 goats during the same period in 2023. The pig sector also experienced growth, with 4,306 pigs marketed through approved abattoirs during January 2024, reflecting a 13.6% increase from the 3,791 pigs marketed in January 2023. Sheep, however, dominated the market, with 35,597 heads marketed in January 2024

“Analysing the destinations for Namibian beef exports, we saw that Europe continues to be the primary market, absorbing a weighty share of the exports. For January 2024, Europe maintained its lead, obtaining 79.6% of the total 640,650 kilograms exported. African nations, with South Africa at the forefront, imported around 105,716 kilograms, making up 16.5% of the exports. China is solidified its position as a key market within the ‘rest of the world’ category, accounting for 25,122 kilograms of the beef exported from Namibia.

“Europe remains a dominant destination for Namibian beef exports, representing a substantial portion of the total exports. South Africa stands out as a significant African market, demonstrating the importance of regional trade relationships. China’s emergence as a key market emphasizes Namibia’s success in diversifying its export destinations and tapping into growing economies. Overall, the distribution highlights the strength of Namibian beef in international markets and the effectiveness of strategic export initiatives,” said the firm.

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