The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) has announced the appointment of Helena Amadhila as managing director for GEN Namibia. Appointed by the GEN Namibia board of directors, Amadhila succeeds Johanna Cloete, the previous managing director who launched GEN Namibia and has led the organization since 2015. Cloete remains involved as chairContinue Reading

The Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF), a non-profit and membership-driven organisation, recently launched its new education campaign with the introduction of a mascot named Rubbish Ronnie. The launch on 28 October 2022 introduced Rubbish Ronnie, designed to teach children about the 7 R’s and to Rethink Tomorrow by way of songContinue Reading

Savanna Beef Processors has announced the company successfully raised N$146 million from Namibian beef producers. A subscription rate of 73% on the offer. “This was a massive success given the initial targeted raising of N$100 million from producers,” the company said. Earlier in the year, the company led by theContinue Reading

RESPONDING to government’s growth at home initiative, medical equipment manufacturer, Fuda Medical has embraced linen saver manufacturing which would significantly bring down Namibia’s costs for importing these medical products. Established in 2019, Fuda Medical, which specialises in the production and sales of linen savers (Under pads and medicines plastic bottles),Continue Reading