Nedbank Namibia promotes employee entrepreneurship with employee market day

Nedbank Namibia recently hosted its inaugural employee market day, which provided a platform for staff to showcase and sell their products and promote their services.

The employee market day took place at Freedom Plaza next to the Nedbank campus. Employees from the various departments within the bank transformed the area into a vibrant marketplace and set up 18 stalls that displayed a wide array of products, including homemade confectionaries, handmade crafts, clothing, braai plates, fruits and vegetables, games, and haircare products.

This day was not only a celebration of creativity but also an opportunity for employees to engage with their colleagues and the community in a newly created and relaxed environment.

Nedbank Namibia Executive for Human Capital Bianca Muller, who attended the market day, says that she was impressed by the turnout: ‘The employee market day was a mere thought 2 months ago, and seeing it materialise was one of the countless special moments I’ve experienced since joining Nedbank.

‘This initiative is a testament to our commitment to supporting both the personal and professional goals of our employees. It’s inspiring to witness the passion and creativity that they bring to their ventures outside of their roles in the bank. At Nedbank, we appreciate our employees holistically and encourage them to excel not only in their daily jobs but also through offering support to their entrepreneurial hustle. This also demonstrates Nedbank’s intentional commitment to living our purpose, which is “using our money expertise to do good” not only for our employees, but also the broader society.’

The market day was attended by Nedbank Namibia employees and the public in and around the Windhoek central business district. One such attendee was the Chief Executive of the Cancer Association, Rolf Hansen. Hansen told participants that Nedbank Namibia’s market day initiative is ‘truly commendable’.

Arguably the highlight of the day was that most vendors sold out their items completely. Hileni Eliakim, who sold out her entire stock, says: ‘I feel appreciated by and am very grateful to Nedbank Namibia for this opportunity. This platform is one that is helping us make an extra income.’

Nedbank employee, Rodenza Steytler, says she was not expecting to sell out as quickly as she did. ‘I am so proud of Nedbank for giving us this opportunity. This initiative has been a huge success and we can’t wait for the next edition,’ she says.

The success of the employee market day has laid the groundwork for future events and initiatives aimed at nurturing and celebrating the diverse skills and interests of Nedbank employees.

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