NAMDIA awards 2024 bursaries valued at N$2.8 million

The NAMDIA Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vehicle of NAMDIA has announced the successful selection of candidates for the 2024 academic intake of the NAMDIA Foundation Bursary Scheme.

Founded with the aim of addressing Namibia’s social and economic challenges through Education, Health and Sports, the Foundation reaffirms its dedication to empowering the youth of Namibia. Building upon the positive momentum of the NAMDIA Foundation Bursary Scheme’s launch in August 2022 and the announcement of its inaugural recipients in January 2023, the Foundation has now chosen a second cohort of deserving candidates, each representing one of the 14 regions across the country.

“To ensure a fair and impartial assessment, the Committee placed significant emphasis on key selection criteria. Academic performance carried the greatest weight, constituting 50% of the total score. Furthermore, attention was given to the economic background of applicants with 20% weight assigned to individuals from previously disadvantaged or marginalized communities. The preferred field of study, as outlined in our policy accounted for 15% of the 2 score, while proof of parental or guardian income supported by certified affidavits held a 10% weight. Additionally, preference was given to students pursuing studies in the Diamond Industry value chain, reflecting our commitment to fostering growth and development in our sector,” stated Alisa Amupolo, Chairperson of the NAMDIA Foundation and CEO of NAMDIA during her welcoming remarks.

The selected candidates demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities and a commitment to making positive impacts in their lives and those around them. The bursaries valued at a total of N$2.8 million annually will provide students with access to quality education and enable them to contribute to the development of the nation, whilst addressing social-economic challenges amongst the youth.

The application intake period ran from 05 October to 08 December 2023, during which the NAMDIA Foundation received a total of 343 applications from all 14 regions across the country. The Khomas region emerged with the highest number of applications at 71, representing a share of 20.7%. Following closely were the Omusati and Oshana regions in second and third place respectively, while the Kavango West and Hardap regions had the fewest submissions.

“When the NAMDIA Foundation established the bursary scheme in 2022, our vision was clear: to drive meaningful and sustainable change within our community. Today, as we announce the Class of 2024, we are already witnessing firsthand the realization of this vision.

The Class of 2023, a remarkable group of students has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication, seizing the opportunities presented to them. I am proud to announce that we have achieved an impressive 86% success rate, with 12 out of our 14 students showcasing outstanding academic performance,” remarked Bryan Eiseb, Chairman of the NAMDIA Board of Directors.

During her announcement of the Class of 2024 Bursary Recipients, Louise Shixwameni, Deputy Executive Director at the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises encouraged the students to pursue their studies with enthusiasm and embrace limitless possibilities, as the future of the nation depends on them. The event, held at the Windhoek Country Club, was attended by the Chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, Honourable Professor Peter Katjavivi, Professor Ferdinand Gideon, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of Namibia, representatives from the International University Management, as well as the students and their parents/guardians.

The NAMDIA Foundation’s bursary scheme stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. By investing in education and empowering the youth, it is laying the foundation for a brighter and more sustainable future for Namibia and its people. Serving as a catalyst for progress an alignment with the National Development Agenda and Harambee Prosperity Plan, the Foundation is contributing to Namibia’s journey towards a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future. Through education and empowerment the Foundation paves the way for a brighter tomorrow for all Namibians. The NAMDIA Foundation is excited to officially welcome the Class of 2024 into the NAMDIA family through its bursary scheme and is confident that the Bursary Recipients will achieve remarkable success.

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