E-Tech Resources unravels massive rare earth potential at its Namibia project

E-Tech Resources Inc. has provided an update on the 2023 exploration activities on its 100%-owned Eureka project on Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL) 6762 in Namibia highlighting that the new data obtained from the late 2023 exploration program indicates that there is likely to be a multifold repeatability of the known Eureka Central mineralization on a regional scale on E-Tech’s property.

E-Tech implemented corporate and exploration management changes in the second half of 2023, which resulted in the Company reassessing and revising its exploration strategy and approach.

The reassessment of historic data in 2023 resulted in a revised view of the lithological and structural setting of the light rare earth element (LREE) mineralization on the Eureka project and the immediate roll-out of an exploration program including a systematic property-wide geochemical soil sampling program covering the “Eureka dome” structure and selected ultra high-resolution drone-based magnetic surveys in Q4 2023.

Key results

The company said seven large soils geochemical LREE anomalies occured in a specific stratigraphic and structural corridor within the Eureka dome. With only one of these anomalies explored, the exploration potential on EPL 6762 increased manyfold.

Further potential exploration upside exists on the Company’s recently secured EPL 8748, which covers at least a similar portion of the potential continuation of the zone as EPL 6762.

Besides this, first ground truthing by the field crew already confirmed the occurrence of monazite (the main LREE-bearing mineral on the property) in three of the six new targets.

The preliminary interpretation of the ultra-high resolution aeromagnetic data produced by Flightec indicates spectacular high resolution, potentially mineralized structures, in both previously known and new targets.

CEO Todd Burlingame says, “This, combined with enhanced geophysical tools and the first boots on the ground on the new EPL 8748 will allow us to expand our exploration activities on a regional scale. I am excited to see how integration and reinterpretation of all the data will get us going in 2024.”

Geochemical soil survey

The Eureka project soil geochemical database entails approximately 33,000 samples by the end of 2023 covering all ground prospective for rare earth element (REE) mineralization. The historic database of E-Tech comprises 11,745 sample points where leptosoils were sieved to <1 mm and analyzed in-situ with the Company’s pXRF analyzer. The data of 20 m by 20 m grids cover irregularly shaped clusters throughout EPL 6762. The data points form part of the consolidated soil database.

In Q4 2023, the Company’s field team and Gecko Exploration (GEX) embarked on a systematic soil sampling program on N-S oriented sample lines on a grid of 40m line spacing and 20m sample spacing covering the entire potentially prospective area on EPL 6762.

With the GEX sampling logistics and system in place, 22,295 samples were collected in 10 weeks. Samples of the <1 mm fraction were taken in the field and pXRF analysis conducted at the clean facilities of the Company’s Karibib office. The sample material is safely stored at Karibib and is sufficient for further full laboratory analysis if required at a later point.

Due to the clear correlation of lanthanum in soil samples with the LREE mineralization, La values were used to identify LREE anomalies.

The new systematic soil geochemical data puts previous exploration focus on Eureka Central (Zones 1 to 3) into perspective to new targets which seem to be qualitatively and quantitatively of a similar order of magnitude, and thus presenting highly prospective new targets.

The new anomalies will now guide the field team in planned, focused mapping before trenching, and eventually drilling will be conducted.

Review of the geological model

Mineralization of economic importance seems to be controlled by structures parallel to foliation while swelling of the mineralization occurs in dilatation zones (e.g. jogs and fold noses).

On a regional scale, significant REE soil anomalies seem to follow a specific pattern and position within the sedimentary sequence and dome structure. Besides the structural control of the mineralization, the systematic soil data supports a stratigraphic control to a carbonate containing sequence within the upper Etusis Formation (due to the dome structure forming the exploration target). Further structural and lithological studies are ongoing.

Ultra-high resolution drone magnetic survey

E-Tech went into an agreement with Flightec Systems to conduct high-resolution, UAV-based magnetic surveys. A limited survey over three small, selected targets was conducted by Flightec to test methods in detecting zones which host monazite mineralization assuming magnetic responses from several magnetite and pyrrhotite-hosting lithologies.

First results are very encouraging with the new data clearly delineating NW-striking zones correlating with known mineralization in very high detail. Parts of the inferred carbonatite dykes from historical mapping correlate well with WNW to NW-striking positive magnetic anomalies.

Man-made anomalies especially from drill casings were identified within the Eureka Central prospect. Flightec managed to effectively erase the effects of the drill collars and provided a top-quality product for this prospect which allows for correlation with the dense drill data.

Linear WNW-striking magnetic features at Eureka Zone 1 and Zone 2 correlate well with structures hosting known monazite mineralization. The magnetic features clearly show the expected discontinuity due to tight folding and/or en-echelon step-overs.

E-Tech Resources Inc. is a rare earths exploration company focused on developing its Eureka Rare Earths Project in Namibia. Eureka represents a district-scale swarm of calc-silicate hosted monazite mineralization.

The Eureka project is located approximately 250 km north-west of Namibia’s capital city Windhoek and 140 km east of Namibia’s main industrial port Walvis Bay. The project is crossed by the national B1 highway and right next to the main national railroad line. The Eureka project is based on EPL 6762. E-Tech has also entered a definitive agreement to acquire an 85% interest in EPL 8748, which lies adjacent to and surrounds the Company’s EPL 6762.

Namibia is recognized as one of Africa’s most politically stable jurisdictions, with an extremely well-established infrastructure and clear and transparent mining legislative and regulatory framework.

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