Namibian entrepreneur elevates her business with Yango partnership

Evelina Ndeuyamo Shangheta, a multifaceted entrepreneur and dedicated police officer, has harnessed the power of partnership with Yango to drive success in her ventures.

As the owner and Managing Director of Hannes and Eve Investment cc (Hannes and Eve Rides), Shangheta has seamlessly integrated her business acumen with the opportunities offered by Yango. She started in 2015, when she established Abs Intellect Investment cc, which initially focused on graphic design, supply and delivering of good (safety wears), including a successful clothing line under Intellect Craft Shop.

Shangheta, a full-time police officer with over 12 years of service, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, a Master’s in International Business, and a certificate in Management Development Programme amongst others.

Shangheta, drawn to Yango by her inherent entrepreneurial spirit, shared, “Entrepreneurialism is an inborn gene for me. When I came across the Yango Opportunity, I didn’t think twice—I grabbed this opportunity and have never regretted it.”

Partnering with Yango since its inception in Namibia, she established Hannes and Eve Rides, now employing over 7 full-time staff with a robust sales force. Moreover, Yango offers the technology in terms of the app, management tools, marketing initiatives, as well as capacity building to help the partner grow, further solidifying its appeal as a comprehensive platform for business expansion. The benefits of being a Yango Partner are evident in Shangheta’s success story.

“With the current economic situation in Namibia and Africa at large, partnering with Yango is a great opportunity to contribute to creating income-generating avenues for many young people,” she advised potential partners. Beyond economic impact, Shangheta emphasized that being a Yango Partner provides practical leadership experience and aligns with her passion for entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Yango also provides safe, affordable, and convenient rides, further enhancing its appeal to both partners and customers alike. Evelina Ndeuyamo Shangheta’s journey as a Yango Partner exemplifies the tech company’s capacity to empower entrepreneurs, foster employment, and offer practical business experience.

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