RA shuts District Road 3660 in Oshana due to floods

The Roads Authority (RA) has closed off a section of District Road 3660 (DR 3660), from Shipepe to Oontanadhambinga, due to flooding experienced in the area.

The closed off section is from Shipepe to Oontanadhambinga in Aakwenyanga village. This section of DR3660 branches off to Main Road 92 between Ongwediva and Ondangwa and is approximately 1.6 kilometres from the main road. “The public is therefore urged to make use of DR4102 (Aakwenyana to Omeege) as an alternative route in the interim. The RA will inform the public through the relevant platforms when the road re-opens. The RA would like to caution the public to take extra precaution when driving during the rainy season and also to avoid driving in flood affected areas without confirming the conditions of the roads from the RA,” the Authority said in a statement.

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