NCRST CEO, Prof. Anicia Peters appointed to AU-ASRIC 4IR working group

National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST)’s CEO Prof. Anicia Peters has been appointed to the African Scientific, Research and Innovation Council’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (ASRIC 4IR) Working Group for Africa. S

he will represent Southern Africa and the group will be responsible for developing the 4IR Strategy for Africa.

“The primary objective of this strategy is to provide actionable insights and recommendations for African policymakers, stakeholders, and decision-makers to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the 4IR. The strategy will in addition aim to articulate a strategic roadmap for African nations to navigate the complexities of the 4IR, leveraging its opportunities while mitigating its risks,” NCRST said.

The African Scientific, Research and Innovation Council (AU-ASRIC) is a continental platform to mobilize African research excellence, innovation for dialogue and voice of the scientific community in building and sustaining continental research-policy nexus to address Africa’s socio-economic development challenges.

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